Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time for CBG's

Big Daddy here, I am not the best blogger, reality is I have little time for it without taking it from somewhere else, but from time to time I try to get a not out here just to speak whats on my mind.

Back Porch Mojo is busy..... real busy I just finished about 10 guitars in 2 weeks that's smokin!!

I am really proud of all of them with a couple that stand above the crowd!! I just made a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute CBG. I tried to pick up some of SRV's guitars trademark looks and apply them as best I could to a cigar box guitar it is pictured below

I am also pleased to have done another Tennessee Map plate guitar. the Tennessee plates are hard to come by because their age (and price ususally about $50 ea) but it it a lot of fun and has great tone

be sure to catch me on facebook, and visit me at www.backporchmojo.com

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cigar box Bass guitar kits

Back Porch mojo is please to announce we now have available at the Back porch mojo store a 4 string cigar box bass guitar kit!! we have been working on this for some time and they are now available!!

were adding more and more to the Back Porch Mojo store all the time, so stop in and check it out!! visit now!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cigar Box Guitar Parts

Big Daddy at Back Porch Mojo is on a quest, a quest to provide all his fellow CBG'ers with a great place to find all the parts they need, without the endless searching. Back porch mojo has added to their shop new Kluson styled tuning pegs in sets of 6,4 and 3string peg sets, vintage cream input jack plates, and input jacks!! also new is Big Daddy "how to build a CBG neck video" over 25 minuiets of footage from the Back Porch Mojo Shop taking you step by step through the process of building a cigar box guitar neck. stop in and check out the Back Porch mojo Store

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Cigar Box Guitar store

Visit the new Cigar Box Guitar store at Back Porch Mojo!! Back Porch Mojo has been working on creating a one stop shop for the Cigar Box Guitar player and for Cigar Box Guitar Builders!! Back Porch Mojo sell custom built cigar box guitars, cigar box guitar kits, and cigar box guitar parts. stop in today and shop for all your cigar box needs!! http://shop.backporchmojo.com/

come and get your mojo workin!!
Big Daddy

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cigar Box Guitars, where to buy

Looking to buy a Cigar Box Guitar!! but can tell one Ebay guy from another ?? Visit Big Daddy at

Back Porch Mojo and he will help you get your Mojo workin!!

Cigar Box Resonator Guitar Kits for Sale

Back Porch Mojo is happy to anouce that they are now offering a Cigar Box Resonator Guitar Kit!! you can purchase one by visiting our Etsy.com page

you can also visit http://www.backporchmojo.com/ and shoot big daddy an E-mail

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cigar Box Resonator Guitars

Now you can get true spun aluminum cone resonator guitars you can order yours at www.backporchmojo.com

Back Porch Mojo is also offering a Cigar Box Guitar build your own kit!!

stop by and have a look for yourself

See you there
Big Daddy