Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time for CBG's

Big Daddy here, I am not the best blogger, reality is I have little time for it without taking it from somewhere else, but from time to time I try to get a not out here just to speak whats on my mind.

Back Porch Mojo is busy..... real busy I just finished about 10 guitars in 2 weeks that's smokin!!

I am really proud of all of them with a couple that stand above the crowd!! I just made a Stevie Ray Vaughan tribute CBG. I tried to pick up some of SRV's guitars trademark looks and apply them as best I could to a cigar box guitar it is pictured below

I am also pleased to have done another Tennessee Map plate guitar. the Tennessee plates are hard to come by because their age (and price ususally about $50 ea) but it it a lot of fun and has great tone

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